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If you’re a Boston landlord, you probably already know that most rental units in the city aren’t studios or one-bedrooms, which tend to be easier to rent out. Odds are your rental property consists mostly of two- to four-bedroom units. It wouldn’t be unusual if you have some rentals as large as eight bedrooms. So, there are plenty of Fort Hill apartments that can accommodate groups of roommates. The challenge is finding groups of compatible tenants without getting sucked into roommate-matchmaking musical chairs – and all the broken leases and complicated paperwork that come with it. That’s where Fort Hill Pads comes in! When you list rooms for rent in Fort Hill, rather than full apartments, you can often earn 10 to 30 percent higher returns. We make it easier than you thought possible to list by the room. Our Roommate Matching Database analyzes every factor we could think of to seek out potential tenants who want rooms for rent just like your listings! It’s popular with tenants because, instead of searching through listings themselves, they can just create a profile and watch the listings roll in. And landlords love it for its versatility. You can list full apartments and rentals as individual rooms for rent and let our advanced technology pool together a group of roommates, list individual bedrooms in rentals with preexisting tenants, or find subletters for short-term leases of either rooms or full units. And, once our powerful technology finds you the right tenants, you can reap the benefits of our real estate expertise! We’ll refer you to a licensed real estate agent to help out with the move-in paperwork. There’s more to our digital marketing technology for landlords than just the Roommate Matching Database. The Fort Hill Pads system, powered by Boston Pads, has access to over 80 locally optimized real estate sites, major national listing sites like Craigslist, Zillow and Trulia, and social media pages that help local apartment-hunters. Any platform our system touches can automatically display your listing in the best manner possible! So, just a few clicks can get your listing to potentially over 100 locations on the web, meeting tenants where they’re already looking. Have you ever tried everything you can think of to list a rental effectively and just not seen much interest? Or, do you have a sneaking suspicion you could be making better returns off your rental property? With Fort Hill Pads, and expert consultation from licensed real estate agents, you can rethink your strategies. The Boston Pads database is the largest real time rental database in the region, and you can use it to identify market trends to power your business! The first step is to fill out the contact form below and list rooms for rent in Fort Hill, Or feel free to give us a call (617) 208 -2121 to discuss a custom made plan for your property!

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