Property Management and Maintenance

Investment properties can be incredibly lucrative and extremely rewarding.  Even so, as a landlord, it’s important to have support in maintaining your property and maximizing your return on investments.  Fort Hill Pads has the local knowledge and infrastructure to provide invaluable benefits to local landlords to support them in managing their properties.  It’s one of the many reasons we have such a huge network of landlords in Fort Hill and the Greater Boston area.  

When you use one of the property managers found here on Fort Hill Pads, you’re certain to get the most out of your rental units.  All of our property managers utilize a rent maximization formula that compares your unit with others like it in the area to calculate the maximum amount of rent you can charge for your unit.  By doing so, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest return on your valuable investments as possible.  

In addition to helping you with setting the right price for rentals, by listing your unit with Fort Hill Pads, you’ll ensure your listings are receiving maximum coverage both locally and across the entire Boston area.  Nowhere else can a landlord ensure their listings are getting seen by so many potential tenants.  It’s one of the ways we can help landlords keep their units filled with the reliable and quality tenants.

In addition to providing marketing support, we also provide support to local landlords by connecting them to all the services they would ever need to maintain their property and provide a great quality of living for their tenants.  Our experience in the Fort Hill real estate market allows us to connect landlords to the best and most experienced contractors and handymen in the city in the case you need a repair or even a major renovation.  We can also connect you with landscapers and snow removal companies so you can keep your property beautiful and pristine for your tenants.  

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